Aquanaut 5260/355R-001 Rose Gold


The first Aquanaut Luce minute repeater, this self-winding model is adorned with 52 multicolored baguette-cut sapphires (3.19 cts), 112 baguette-cut diamonds (7.31 cts) and 160 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.72 ct).

The original shape of the bezel is highlighted by a double row of diamonds and multicolored sapphires set using the "invisible setting" technique.

The dial combines a center paved with invisible-set baguette-cut diamonds with an hour ring adorned with snow-set brilliant-cut diamonds. The 12 multicolored sapphire hour-markers echo the rainbow gradient on the bezel.

This watch comes with three ultra-resistant composite straps – in matte beige, matte white and red – featuring a rose gold patented fold-over clasp set with baguette-cut diamonds.


Self-winding mechanical movement. Caliber R 27. Minute repeater with two classic gongs.

Paved with baguette-cut diamonds (invisible setting), multicolored baguette-cut sapphire hour markers and hour ring set with diamonds (snow setting). 18K gold dial plate.

Rose gold. Diameter (10–4 o’clock): 38.8 mm. Height: 10.1 mm. Humidity- and dust-protected only (not water-resistant). Sapphire crystal case back.

54 baguette-cut diamonds: 3.52 cts. (dial). 160 diamonds: 0.72 ct. (hour ring). 12 baguette multicolored sapphires: 0.59 ct. (hour markers). 40 baguette multicolored sapphires: 2.6 cts (bezel). 40 baguette diamonds: 2.85 cts. (bezel). 8 baguette diamonds: 0.58 cts (lugs). 10 baguette diamonds: 0.36 ct. (clasp). Total of 52 baguette multicolored sapphires (3.19 cts), 112 baguette diamonds (7.31 cts) and 160 diamonds (0.72 ct).

Composite material, matte beige (originally fitted). Composite material, matte white or red (additional straps). Diamond-set patented fold-over clasp.