Louis Flat Strass Suede Velours Diamante

  • Product Code: 3100592
  • Colour: Black Suede Velours, Black Diamante
  • Date: 2017 Release
  • Material: Suede Velours, Diamante
  • Collection: Classic
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% Genuine

Upgrade your style today with the iconic Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Strass sneaker adorned in beautiful Swarovski Crystals and immaculate black suede velour material. This highly desirable sneaker will set you apart from the rest and have you in a league of your own.

The Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Strass is ideal for those who have exquisite taste and an unrivaled sense of fashion. Christian Louboutin is a highly sought after luxurious fashion brand, which is known for it's high quality products which are the perfect combination of French artistry, Italian workmanship and prestige.

This particular version of the signature "Louis Flat" sneaker come in an outstanding black colour with velours suede material. The shoe is also covered in an elegant Strass material using Swarovski Crystals. You'll be sure to light up even the darkest of rooms wearing these sneakers.

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